My cell phone is called a garakei. Not by the provider, that wouldn't be a selling point. It's called garakei by the cool kids. The fact that I have a garakei is probably what makes me not cool. At least that's my story. So what is a garakei? The word is derived from two words: The first part, "Gara" comes from"Garapagosu Shotou" the Japanese rendition of Galapagos Islands. "Kei," the second part comes from "keitai," Japanese for "cell phone."So "gara-kei" - Galapagos cell phone. Still with me? If so, you might be asking what do the Galapagos Islands have to do with cell phones? Well, I thought you'd never ask. The answer is, of course. nothing. It's all about Darwinism. You see, in Japan, for decades, the cell phone was developing in its own direction. Remember when people were saying "Have you seen those cool phone they have in Japan?"  Well, they were cool in those days. In fact the Japanese could do anything with a cell phone. But then the smart phone came along. You can do anything on a smart phone too, and sleek, large screen smartphones are way different from the weird mutant phone that developed only of the islands of Japan. Japanese phones are thick, like lego bricks. They are rectangular, plastic, and they fold like old Motorolas. When they ring, they light up like Christmas trees. Once the pinnacle of cool, these Japanese cell phones were suddenly old news. The first nail was the iphone. Steve Jobs changed cool. Then Samsung made it affordable. Garakeis gradually became loser phones. Now I'm not sure if I'm a loser because I have a garakei or if I have a garakei because I am a loser. Either way, my phone lets everyone know who I am. But there is hope for me. In fashion what goes around comes around. And the garakei is making it's way back to the college campuses of Japan. Pretty soon I'll be cool again... as long as I can hold onto this phone.  And I have enough duct tape to make sure this one will be around for a long time!  

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