The business of business hours

live_banner_1Decisions made by business are not random whims. They are solutions designed to bring about tangible results. Business decisions are considered long and hard, motivated by passion and centered on success.

Let's look at a clear example of one such decision. This is a picture of the business hours sign at a Yamada Electronics store in North Nagoya. 2013-05-26 20.55.05As you can clearly see, the store opens weekdays at 10:30, but in a clever and unexpected business manoeuvre, the store opens on weekends at 10:15. As a result this business gets a 15 minute jump on their competition. I can only imagine how much revenue this agile business move has translated into. If I could think like this, no telling where I'd be now. Maybe I'd even own my own island somewhere. Oh the sharp minds of industry...           

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