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I am a TV producer, writer, business trainer, and former network office jockey who decided to get away from it all and search for inner peace. Still looking for peace, but I've found plenty of shiny objects and great stories on the journey.  This is just the story of my life in Nagoya, Japan. Digital Chopsticks is divided into 6 sections 1. Listen - is all about the stuff I hear - records, sounds of nature or the city, even language 2. Learn - covers some of the things I didn't know before. Maybe you knew already. 3. Watch - Focuses on what I see, movies, art showings, photos, live shows etc. 4. Walk - the places I go, want to go, and sometimes I'd prefer never to go again. 5. Live - culture, lifestyle or simply the experience of being somewhere else. 6. Read - It's not profound anymore to say words take us places that ships cannot. So, like your mother used to say, reading might actually be good for you. Now go back to the Homepage   chopsticks by author

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